Visibone Rocks!

Just got my full-color, laminated, VisiBone Card Collection for Web Designers.  I knew I was going to buy one of their products months ago.  But there web site is quite usable on it’s own, and they simply had way too many choices for how their cards are formatted.

Now that I’ve got it in my hand, I’m sorry I waited!  I think it’s wonderful that VisiBone provides the information on their web site, it’s a great way to “test drive” their product.  But the bound collection of cards it truly impressive.  For all the information that’s in there, it should weigh a TON.  Seeing Colors, HTML, Fonts, Javascript, CSS, Character Entities, DOM and Regular Expressions compressed into a 10 page reference… Makes me wonder what the size of the layout file is!
Run out and get yours today.  (While this may sound like an ad for VisiBone, it’s not.  I just want to make sure that enough people keep supporting them so they keep making new cards!)

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