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Web Site Auditing
Does your website work for you? Or do you work for your website?

Many times technical issues can accumulate as sites are updated and/or revised. Having a your site audited from a technical standpoint can insure that search engine spiders are getting to the information you want to present.

Google Analytics Implementation & Auditing
Of the hundreds of sites reviewed to date I've only come across ONE that was properly configured. And while no web analytics package will provide "perfect data" there is still a world of difference between having high confidence in your analytics data or low confidence.

There are also many new features in the recent versions of Google Analytics; features which are most useful when the data collected can be believed!

WordPress Audit
WordPress is a fantastic CMS (Content Management System) with a dearth of plug-ins and an easy-to-use interface. Unfortunately these same features can create a nightmare of misconfiguration which can make your site less than appetizing to a search engine spider.

Have your WordPress site audited to make sure you have a site that is both easy-to-use AND easy-to-spider to get the most out of WordPress!