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Ok, so I need to make up some test pages on google before the pubcon conference next week in Las Vegas. I'm presenting next Tuesday and really don't know what to say so I'm going to put of this page tonight and see how fast it will get indexed. I'll submit one page via google xml sitemaps, and then another page via a link from a fairly powerful domain. And last I'll put up a page that I submit both via sitemap and a natural link. We will be testing not only how quickly the pages get indexed, but also how well they rank. I'm thinking the XML submission might occur slightly quicker, but I certainly don't think it will rank as well. Maybe the combination of the two will be the best of both words. I really don't see how a page with no link popularity is going to rank for any kind of competitive keyphrase. I think it really needs some link juice from the homepage of the site we put it on. But I'll guess we'll see shortly.