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Today I learned that neither Omniture or Google analytics will be allow you to selectively suppress navigational queries in their campaign attribution formula. I think this is crazy. How can a program as powerful as omniture not allow such a simple exception. With more and more users going to google and using the toolbar simply for navigational queries, the wrong campaign is constantly getting credit. That campaign is of course usually google because they are often the very last click. Can't we fix that sometime? It is 2009, almost 2010. Omniture isn't as powerful as I thought, and they sure are not very cooperative. But they do seem to do a better job of handling cross-domain tracking which I really need to learn more about. I would bet that google fixes this problem before omniture. I think at least Avinash is aware of this issue. Should I read his new book. I'm sure it is very good, but I really really don't like the title of course. I'm disappointed he named it that. I think I've typed enough now for this test.