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After last Saturdays game I'm really worried pete carroll is becoming the Bobby Bowden of this decade. Not a sudden decline, just a slow gradual steady slide to mediocrity. He still recruits amazing players, as good as any team in the country, but I don't think they are performing to their potential. The 3rd string quarterback right now is the highschool player of the year. That is a crime. But I think the real problem is refusal to adjust to the spread. I'm not suggested USC run the spread, but at least adopt some of the strengths. Send more receivers out! Please! How could another team guard Joe McKnight, CJ Gable, Damian Williams and Ronald Johnson all at the same time. Please run that formation at least once. On defense, it doesn't matter how strong a linebacker is when a receiver is running by him. Got them off the field when the opposing team is sending out 5 receivers. The linebacker should be rushing the passer of not in the game. You can't guard 4 or 5 receivers with 3 linebackers on the field.