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Artwork by David BurkeYahoo! Store RTML Data Extractor
This tool extracts data from a specially formatted page at your store. It also comes in handy when you want to extract a particular section of your site, make backups of your data, or keep track of your images.

If you have MS Access, here is a database that is set up to help manage the data from this tool.

In General
You'll type in your information and receive a .zip or .tgz file containing your results.

First, you'll need to upload or create the Thing11 rtml template at your Yahoo store. Unless you're comfortable working with RTML, you might want to use the RTML Uploader, but the template *can* be created by hand.

Next, create & PUBLISH a new page using the "empty." type and the "thing11" template. Don't worry if it looks quite a mess in the editor. It's most likely supposed to look that way if this is going to work.

As long as your page is actually published, you should be able to fill out the boxes below...

Location of your published Thing11 page

Get Images
Get Icons
Get Insets

Get all items
Limit Results to the follwing items
Limit Results to the follwing items AND recursively add child items.
List of items, separated by space or newline.
Receive results as a file