Accel Partners Cocktail Reception – SES San Jose 2006

The first night of the Search Engine Strategies kicked off in a great way with a party thrown by Accel. It was hosted at the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation. The food was incredible and the table decor elegant. There was an excellent selection of people to talk to and compare notes with as well. We met folks from Ebay, Microsoft, World Vision, A9, Yahoo! and others. Very cool.

Table Decor - Accel Partners Reception
Table Decor including Roses and Ranunculus
David Plays With an Exhibit - Accel Partners Reception
David Experimenting with a Musical Exhibit
Aaron from, Craig Paddock, Rob Snell and David Burke
Aaron from, Craig Paddock, Rob Snell, and David Burke.
Leaving the Accel Partners Reception
Craig Paddock, Rob Snell, Aaron, Juan Prado, and Joe Morin of Boost Search Marketing.