Expose an object’s properties in Javascript

Here’s another quickie in Javascript: Suppose you’ve got an object, but you’re not sure what properties it might have. This snippet will loop through an objects properties, at which point you can pop the results into an alert box, or whatever your favorite method of looking at debugging text might be…

var output_text = '';
for (var myprop in myobject){
output_text+=myprop+' ';

I have to admit, I use this all the time. So much, that here’s the same thing written as a function that you can just pass your object to, and have an alert box pop up with that object’s properties:

function expose(someobj) {
var output_text = '';
for (var myprop in someobj) {

How to Enable Your Objinfo.xml File

Enabling your objinfo.xml file is quite easy!
Keep in mind, you will need “full access” to the store manager page: make sure you have both your password, and your security key ready.

Once you’ve logged into your store manager, locate the link named “Search Engines” under the “Promote” block in the lower left hand corner. Go ahead & click on the link once you find it.

Search Engines Link
Near the bottom of the screen are a couple of radio buttons labelled “Disabled” & “Enabled.” Select the “Enabled” button to activate your objinfo.xml file!

That’s it!

How to Modify a WordPress Theme

Found a great set of articles on how to modify a WordPress theme. What I didn’t find was a concise “table-of-contents” set of links to the entire series… So here it is:
Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 1
Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 2
Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 3
Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 4

Many thanks to John Godley & UrbanGiraffe