PubCon 2007 “Tools of the Trade” session

For all of you asking for notes from the SEO Tools presentation, here are the links to (most) of the tools mentioned:

Derek Vaugn, Techpad Agency
Keyword rank checking; like WebPosition. Downloadable Windows software that runs in the background. Long lists (~200+ Keywords) can take several hours to run.
IndexTools: Last 100 Visits report
View the last 100 visitors in realtime. Helps identify trends in realtime & provides details of where the visitors are coming from.
Keyword Competitive Intelligence
Useful for popular terms, may not have accurate data on lower volume terms. Can be used over time to add new terms.
Free keyword tool, works without an Adwords account. Has a "Site-Related Keywords" tab that shows related terms based on the content of an URL.

Todd Malicoat, Meta4creations, LLC

Server information:
Find “safe” IP blocks
Information on the number of sites for a given IP address

Competitive Information:


Keyword Info:

Header & Page Level


Project Management/Small Shop SEO

Many more tools

Jessie Stricchiola, Alchemist Media, Inc.

Links & Link Value

Cumbrowski’s Query & Link Stats Converter
Processes the raw data from Google Webmaster Central .CSV files
Joost de Valk’s Google Webmaster Tools External links tools
Provides additional information on sites linking to you: PageRank, rel=nofollow, “link not found,” image link, frame
dnScoop domain & site value tool
SEO Tools – Link Price Calculator

Project Management


Joe Laratro, Tandem Interactive

From the Q&A

Finally, I’ll have to admit I didn’t note some of the tools that "everyone knows about" already. While not a complete list, here are some tools in that category: